Scientific and technological achievements of solar heat pump dryer


Recently, the “Solar-Air Source Heat Pump Fruit and Vegetable Dryer Development Project” was appraised by the Provincial Science and Technology Department for scientific and technological achievements, and was highly recognized by Hunan Agricultural University, Central South University and other related industry experts. Leading the research of similar research projects in China.

At present, agricultural and sideline products, medicinal materials and dry sea products mainly use direct drying or construction of coal and firewood sintered brick structure, which is easy to be affected by the ground environment and weather. You need professional care, health and environmental protection. “Solar-air source heat pump dryer” fruits and vegetables are complementary to solar energy and air source. The two clean energy sources are alternately applied to the drying of fruits and vegetables. The core technology of solar energy without power compensation, the intelligent control system realizes the machine operation and is effective. Improve drying efficiency and energy efficiency, change the traditional treatment methods, do not need to use chemical anti-corrosion agents, ensure the flavor characteristics of agricultural products, improve the quality of agricultural products, achieve green processing, energy conservation, environmental protection, agricultural products processing industry, construction "two types" Society and food safety have important practical significance.