Meeting Mingdi Heat Pump's mission - "Let the earth be filled with green, reproduce green hills, beautiful homes with blue sky and white clouds"

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The sky is so blue, although there is no white clouds, but it seems to make people feel comfortable, this is the clear blue sky we pursue. If the Yangtze River Delta can often see such a blue sky, if Shanxi coal can often see such a blue sky, if the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei can often have such a blue sky, how wonderful everything will be! But is there so much if?

The rapid development of industry has brought economic development and left some regrets. Now we have to work hard to fix these regrets. The government has taken action: Beijing coal-to-electricity subsidies, Tianjin coal-to-electricity subsidies, and even coal reforms introduced or about to be introduced in various places. The electricity policy is dizzying. Whether these policies come quickly or slowly, there is only one goal: "We still have a blue sky and white clouds." As the name suggests, “coal to electricity” means that with the financial support of the government, the residents of the cottage area will bid farewell to the coal-fired boilers in the heating season through the expansion of the grid and the transformation of the electricity meter, so that the major factories and enterprises will bid farewell to the coal-fired boilers and use clean and sanitary ones. The air source heating heat pump is used as a heating device to achieve the dual purpose of improving the quality of life of the people and protecting the atmospheric environment.

So many products for the name of the heating pump on the market, is it really energy-saving? Guangzhou Jinhao Electric Co., Ltd. continuously improves the product structure, uses a large number of proprietary patent technology, converts the patented results into the connotation of heating heat pump products, enhances product quality, thereby increasing the added value of products, and making Meeting Mingdi heat pump a coal-to-electric heating heat pump. Mainstream manufacturers. We always adhere to the product quality and take the road of product innovation. Because “Let the earth be full of green, reproduce the green mountains and blue mountains and white clouds, the beautiful homeland” is the mission of Mingdi. It is also based on such a mission, so that Jin Hao has a flourishing Vitality.

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