Congratulations to Jinlun for joining the Guangdong Energy Conservation Association

PubDate:2021-06-29Author:MarkSources:Jinlun GroupViews:867

On June 11, 2021, after discussion and approval by the Standing Council of Guangdong Energy Conservation Association, Guangzhou Jinlun Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. successfully joined the Guangdong Provincial Energy Conservation Association and became a member of the association. Guangzhou Jinlun Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. joined the Guangdong Energy Conservation Association. extended family.

In the future, Jinlun Energy Conservation and Guangdong Provincial Energy Conservation Association will conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation, and work hard to promote Jinlun energy-saving products and green environmental protection concepts to the society, and contribute to China’s carbon peaking and carbon neutralization process, and contribute to my country’s energy conservation and reduction.

Guangdong Energy Conservation Association (Guangdong Energy Conservation Association) was established in June 2009. It is a provincial-level energy conservation professional organization registered with the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs with the support of the Guangdong Economic and Information Commission. The main business entities are: energy conservation and environmental protection, energy storage and new energy, with nearly 600 members of the association. The members are composed of the following types of enterprises: one is energy-saving equipment (product) manufacturing type; the other is energy-saving service type enterprise; third is green environmental protection type enterprise; fourth is intelligent manufacturing type enterprise, energy-using enterprise; fifth is green financial enterprise; It is the commercial service industry; the seventh is the public institution. The business scope covers industrial energy conservation, building energy conservation, transportation energy conservation, public institution energy conservation, intelligent manufacturing, green industry, energy conservation and environmental protection consulting, clean production, circular economy, water-saving services, energy storage and new energy. There are 14 group members under the association. There are about 3,000 corporate members in the association. The association has an expert committee with an expert database of about 200 experts, which is responsible for serving the enterprise.