Daily Life: What happened? Jinan two schools use "air" to provide heat, and the effect is better than burning coal.

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["Life Daily" reported today] On the 8th, the provincial city officially entered the hot-starting stage of the heating season this winter. Several major thermal enterprises have been commissioned for heat commissioning, and the radiators in the residents' homes have been heated up. Compared with these traditional heating areas, the new energy heating areas that are gradually being developed in the provincial capital have also entered the hot commissioning phase. Shandong University Xinglongshan Campus and Licheng No. 1 Middle School are new models of new energy heating.

On the 8th, the reporter visited the site and learned that after the coal-fired small boiler was dismantled last year, the heating of the two schools is no longer burning coal. In the case of non-extreme cold weather, heating can be done by absorbing heat from the air. The heating effect is still much more stable than in the past.

Xinglongshan Campus saves more than 3,300 tons of coal with new energy heating

On the morning of the 8th, the reporter went to the Xinglongshan Campus of Shandong University in the Second Ring Road. From the same day, it also started the heating and commissioning of this winter with other hot enterprises in the city. The radiators in the classroom and student dormitory are steadily Warm up, get hot. However, since the four coal-fired small boilers of the school were demolished last year, the school could no longer see the cars coming in and out of the coal, the soot from the coal-fired boilers, and the hot weather on the road. .

It is understood that last year, Jinan City strongly promoted the elimination of coal-fired boilers of 35 tons/hour or less in the built-up area. At the end of September last year, 131 sets of a total of 2012 tons of elimination (reconstruction) tasks were completed, including 2 sets of Shanda Xinglongshan Campus. Steamed tons of boilers and 2 sets of 10 steam tons of boilers.

The 400,000 total floor area of the school's heating, through the cooperation with Jinan Energy Development Co., Ltd., was replaced by a combination of distributed heat pump and gas boiler, and achieved the first time in the 2016-2017 heating season. Heating.

"I feel very good. The classrooms and dormitory are very warm. In the past, sometimes the boiler broke down and the dormitory will stop warming. Now there is no such problem at all." Senior student Xiao Zhao said.

The reporter saw at the Xinglongshan Campus that through the renovation, the entire community installed three gas boilers, 32 air heat source pumps, four cold screw machines and one energy tower. When the weather is not cold, the air is on the air. New energy heating methods such as heat source pumps and air-cooled screw machines can meet school heating.

"They work like air conditioners. The fans absorb the heat in the air. After heating and heating the water, they are sent to the classroom through the pipe network. The energy tower can also absorb heat for storage." Liu Mingyuan, head of Jinan Energy Group's Shanda project said In the extremely cold weather, the equipped gas boiler will be activated to complement the new energy supply mode.

As a result, the project can save 3304.37 tons of standard coal per heating season, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 2.101 tons, nitrogen oxide emissions of 27.056 tons, and soot emissions of 3.677 tons. In addition, the boiler house with the coal-fired boiler removed has been transformed into a new energy research and development center of Shandong University and a student entrepreneurship innovation practice base, which will further promote research related to energy conservation and emission reduction.

Licheng No. 1 Middle School replaces coal with less than 400,000 yuan per year

In addition to the university campus, the reporter then went to Licheng No. 1 on the north bank of the Wohushan Reservoir. The school also implemented a coal-fired alternative heat enhancement project last year, replacing traditional combustion with vacuum gas hot water boilers and air source heat pumps. The coal-fired boiler system supplies heat to a total of 113,000 square meters of six dormitory buildings in the school and off-campus.

Zhang Bingjun, vice president of Licheng No. 1 Middle School, told the reporter that in the past, the school's heating pipe network was self-built, using coal-fired boilers for heating and making domestic water. “Our school is located in the first-grade water source protection area. Every year, coal is heated and boiled. The pollution to the surrounding environment is not small. The key is that the heating effect is not good.” Zhang Bingjun said that the school hot water pipe network was built for a long time. However, the operation often leaks water, the boiler can not guarantee timely replenishment, so that the furnace is often shut down, which is particularly unstable, and it takes more than 2 million yuan to burn coal every year.

After entrusting Jinan Energy Group to carry out thermal upgrading and transformation last year, the campus part and the off-campus dormitory are now divided into two heating areas. The school uses air source heat pump and gas boiler as heat source and solves the school district heating demand. Air source heat pump As a cold source to solve the cooling needs of the campus; the outdoor dormitory area has a separate heat source point, using air source heat pump and gas boiler as the heat source. In one year, we only need to buy heat from the New Energy Group at a rate of 26.7 yuan per square meter. The annual cost is only 1.6 million. It is not only for the heat effect to be stable, it is more environmentally friendly and clean, and it can save more than 400,000 yuan per year. .