7,000 people participated in the "2+26" city blue sky defense battle in Beijing-Tianjin

PubDate:2017-09-16Author:Kim Min MingSources:Heat pump market informationViews:3803

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas will achieve unified monitoring and unified law enforcement and unified emergency

5,600 people participated in the inspection, and 1,400 people participated in the inspection. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the surrounding area “2+26” urban air pollution prevention supervision and inspection conducted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection were launched.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection revealed today that the Minister of the Ministry, Li Ganjie, has fully deployed these two tasks.

Since April 7 this year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has mobilized 5,600 executives to carry out a one-year intensive monitoring of air pollution prevention and control in the “2+26” city. With regard to this inspection, Li Ganjie said that the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the relevant departments and localities have recently issued the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas in the autumn and winter of 2017-2018 comprehensive measures for the comprehensive treatment of air pollution" (hereinafter referred to as "toughening plan"), and at the same time formulated Intensified supervision programs, inspection programs, special inspection programs, quantitative accountability regulations, information disclosure programs and publicity programs, etc., formed a “1+6” program system.

He said that the key area of the "1+6" program system is the "2+26" city of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei atmospheric pollution transmission channel; the key period is autumn and winter, heating period; the key area is "two scattered", that is, loose coal And "disorganized pollution" corporate governance, while taking into account motor vehicles, dust, mine development and management.

Li Ganjie revealed that key issues include problems in key areas, as well as issues such as unclear responsibilities and inadequate pressure transmission.

"To change the way of qualitative or large-scale quantitative target tasks in the past, according to the list system and the account-based method, the specific tasks will be implemented in various urban counties." Li Ganjie said that the inspection and inspection will closely follow the party committee and government. Take the "five-step method" of supervision, assignment, inspection, interview, and special inspection, and implement the "party and government responsibility" of air pollution control.

The 1400-person, four-month Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas in the autumn and winter of 2017-2018 have also officially started the inspection of air pollution comprehensive management. Li Ganjie pointed out that the comprehensive action of air pollution control in autumn and winter will be carried out, and inspections are an important link. The inspections and assignments will be carried out upwards. The implementation of the rectification will be reviewed and the problems will be solved. The interviews will be conducted and the special inspections will be conducted. Local problems were not rectified, and related work was not done as a slow-moving issue. The relevant local people's governments were asked to put forward quantitative accountability suggestions and strengthen the implementation of responsibilities.

He stressed that through inspections, the pressure will be transmitted to local grassroots party committees, governments and their relevant departments to ensure that all measures for prevention and control of air pollution are effective, and that the objectives and tasks of the "Atmosphere Ten Articles" will be fully completed.

Li Ganjie said that the inspection will focus on key issues such as environmental violations and violations of the enterprises in the gas-stricken industry, reflecting the weak links in the implementation of air pollution prevention and control tasks by local party committees, governments and relevant departments, and urged to comprehensively investigate and fill the gaps, and then deploy and re-implement them. . At the same time, comprehensive inspections were carried out on the implementation of various local tasks, and the areas where the problems were highlighted were concentrated on key inspections to promote the resolution of a number of long-standing serious problems.

 At the same time, he requested that the public inspection situation, the follow-up interview situation, the accountability investigation, accept the supervision and evaluation of the whole society. “All localities should announce the information of the inspection team in the media and encourage the masses to reflect relevant issues through the “12369” environmental protection hotline and WeChat report,” said Li Ganjie.

"The '2+26' urban atmosphere attack is not only a tough battle to control air pollution and improve environmental quality, but also a tough battle to promote supply-side structural reforms and promote industrial transformation and upgrading." According to Li Ganjie, in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei The surrounding areas will carry out pilot projects for setting up cross-regional environmental protection agencies to promote unified planning, unified standards, unified licensing, unified environmental assessment, unified monitoring, unified law enforcement, and unified emergency. The organization will be completed and commissioned by the end of September. At the same time, strengthen social supervision. All problems, problems, interviews, and implementation of rectification will be disclosed to the public.